Planning Your System

Infusionsoft Implemention

This is our process of implementing Infusionsoft for the maximum benefit of your business. With over 100 successful Infusionsoft Implementations over the past 5 years, we have developed a system for implementation.

You must plan and map out your sales/marketing system to walk prospective buyers through a process. People love to buy but hate being sold. We can help tailor a marketing system to your business for maximum benefit.

The first step is to map out your marketing (lead generation) and sales process. We serve many clients via web-meetings but we also do “on site” implementations at the client’s office and many come to our office (The Cave).

Our initial goal is to map out your marketing processes on a whiteboard then transfer it to and build a documented marketing system map.

We recommend tagging strategies so your reporting of your system measures the important parts of your business.

The process map generally looks like this…

We then log into Infusionsoft and implement that plan.

Here are a few examples of systems..

This is an appointment setting system.

The document is linked to all digital assets and you can understand and manage your marketing system. More importantly your reporting system is in place…

So you can see your sales funnel and lead funnel and how well it is preforming. We use to monitor your entire sales/marketing system.

This lets you make improvements.

We can help you develop the ideal system for your business and implement it.

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